Supply Chain Management

We live in a world where change is constant, and where groundbreaking approaches must be embraced to effectively compete and win in today’s volatile global economy. Organizations individually and collectively must establish tight strategic alignment between their supply chains and business strategies. The supply chain risks are growing due to natural disasters and supply & demand disruptions. Increasing digital and eCommerce customers are making the supply chains more complex and vulnerable. Managing complex supply chains is more challenging than ever. Organizations are facing several multiple challenges such as increasing costs, misaligned supply chain partners, increasing risks, aggressive customers, and competing supply chains. You need people with the skill, knowledge and intuition to improvise in responding to unpredictable scenarios with groundbreaking business innovation. Undoubtedly finding, hiring, and retaining talent is a major concern for supply chain executives across the globe.

supply chain Management

We help organizations in value creation through establishing robust and high performance supply chains

    ✔ Developing supply chain strategy in alignment with business strategy
    ✔ Design mission, values, and vision statements
    ✔ Designing distribution networks
    ✔ Supply chain planning and forecasting
    ✔ Designing master scheduling and MRP functions
    ✔ Defining KPIs and benchmarking
    ✔ Supply chain risk assessment
    ✔ Talent development
    ✔ Align board of directors
    ✔ Align key suppliers and customers

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