IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics uses AI to automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting and drive intelligent workflows.

The enterprise performance tool which is built on TM1 is a proven IBM’s powerful calculation engine that allows the businesses to go beyond the limits of manual planning and exceed the expectations of business needs. Accurate plans for Financial Planning & Analysis, Supply Chain, Sales, and beyond can be driven faster.


Key Benefits

    AI-infused Planning

  • An accurate plan can be created faster and easier by automated model creation, natural language processing, and cognitive help.

  • Collaboration across the organization

  • Integrated plans can be driven by breaking down silos, unifying data, and synchronizing planning across the organization to reveal the full picture of the data.

  • Superior scale for growing businesses

  • Having existing business processes unaltered, insights can be acquired quickly and plans adjusted in real-time even in the face of increasing data complexity.

  • A functionality boost for spreadsheets

  • Limitations of spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel can be transcended while protecting the data at the same time. It provides a familiar interface with more robust features.

  • One-stop Shop

  • Partnering with IBM means conquering business challenges today and planning for tomorrow with a suite of solutions designed to support the entire analytics journey.

  • Flexible deployment

  • One can choose between on-premise, on the cloud, or a combination of both and access the same data from anywhere at any time.

Key features

Microsoft Excel Interface

While having the same traditional MS Excel interface, advanced tools such as multidimensional analysis and planning can be embedded to reduce the learning curve and increase the impact.

Built-in Data Analysis

Deep insights can be uncovered with the help of robust analysis and reporting tools via dashboards, Microsoft Excel, and IBM Cognos Analytics even in the absence of a data scientist or analyst.

What-if Scenario Testing

What-if scenarios help to see the impact of the decisions before making them. Strategic decisions can be made by testing as many options as needed in a flexible and private sandbox environment.

BI for Everyone

Better productivity is essential and this is what Business Central is all about. It delivers compelling reports and analyses that suggest business process improvements and streamline decision-making.

Our Services

Business Process Design

We help you with skillful guidance in building a business process plan either right from the scratch or redesigning the existing processes considering the industry best practices based on usability with reduced complexity. We ensure that the design is scalable and capable of being replicated that always results in structured processes.


IBM PA is a powerful solution for financial and operational management based on in-memory technology from IBM Cognos TM1. Regardless of how many users your business needs, the solution can be effortlessly implemented and can cover every planning, budgeting, and forecasting need.




All too often, post the initial implementation and training the users are completed, enterprises are left on their own to deal with further proceedings. We’re here to provide extended support helping you resolve issues and keep the system fit as your needs continue to evolve.

Our highly experienced professionals help you work through any problems that you may come across. Our support offerings include,

    ✔ Telephone and email support
    ✔ Process execution and monitoring
    ✔ System performance review
    ✔ Account management

Model Building

Every enterprise has a unique way of planning, budgeting, and forecasting. However, the effectiveness and accuracy depend on various constraints. Upon taking a deep dive into the business process flow, we assist you to build and maintain sophisticated plans and forecasts that suit exclusively to your organization. The models built can integrate any business driver into plans, budgets, and forecasts.

The selected models we develop and operate include:

    ✔ Financial planning & reporting
    ✔ Business planning & budgeting
    ✔ Financial consolidation
    ✔ Forecasting and demand planning
    ✔ Balanced Scorecard
    ✔ Sales performance management
    ✔ HR planning & reporting
    ✔ Activity based costing
    ✔ Logistics & Supply chain planning
    ✔ Sales & operations Planning
    ✔ Enterprise risk management
    ✔ Driver based planning
    ✔ Other planning models

Our Clients

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