Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business management solution that can be used effortlessly and easy to adapt, helping organizations align their businesses and make smarter decisions. It is built within the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics Nav and adaptable to broaden business applications to other Microsoft Cloud Services such as Office 365, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and PowerApps. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution is dynamic as it can connect with the changing business requirements while taking advantage of the latest technology.

It is an integral part of Microsoft family, and shares the same codebase as Dynamics Navision. Being a web-based solution primarily, it is a software as a service solution and also has an on-premise version available.


Key Benefits

    Financial Management

  • Data can be organized seamlessly across accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing, and customer service to give a thorough view of business operations.

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Built-in intelligence can be used to validate what and when to replace. It also ssuggests substitutes when required items are unavailable.

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Having existing business processes unaltered, insights can be acquired quickly and plans adjusted in real-time even in the face of increasing data complexity.

  • A functionality boost for spreadsheets

  • Financial foresight can be refined by analysing and modelling data across various dimensions.

  • Sales and Service Management

  • One can manage service requests, act promptly on sales related queries, and process payments. All these tasks can be performed within Outlook.

  • Project Management

  • Resource levels can be monitored at any given point in time by planning sales and capacity.

  • Operations Management

  • It provides a comprehensive visibility of inventory for effective order fulfillment.

Key Features

Single Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a unified platform for people and process through a single Microsoft platform, along with Microsoft Office and Outlook applications.

Mobile Experience

Customer demands are bound to change and businesses should be on par with them. Dynamics 365 BC enables the use of the core ERP functionalities on mobile devices.


As businesses are not confined to one place and can happen any where, Dynamics 365 is enabled to support the scalability and business can be operated from anywhere.

BI for Everyone

Dynamics 365 delivers compelling reports and suggests business process improvements by analyzing them. This helps organizations streamline their decision-making.

Improve Financial Visibility

It helps businesses make well-versed decisions by analyzing data across accounting, inventory, purchasing, sales, and customer transactions.

Reporting and Financial closures are done at a greater pace to maintain agreement with accurate, streamlined, and quick accounts payable and receivable.

In-built power Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards help chart financial acts and identify the trends and patterns to broaden the horizon of understanding with multiple dimensions and in-depth analysis.

Data can be analyzed in broad ranges and modeling can be done to enhance the forecasting accuracy. Information can be customized and shared with all-in-one Excel integration.



Optimize Supply Chain

Order fulfillment can be done on time by doing a complete assessment of the inventory. The movement of each and every item and transaction can be traced by manifesting bins according to the warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.

Built-in intelligence can help predict the ideal time to refill the stock. Sales forecasts and predictable stock-outs can be utilized to automate creating purchase orders.

Manufacturing capacity and resources can be measured and optimized in order to enhance production schedules and cater to consumer demands.

Inventory levels can be maintained appropriately by calculating reorder points, stock levels, and lead times. Replacements can be automatically proposed if the requested items are not available.

Boost Sales and Improve Service

Sales leads can be prioritized as per revenue potential. Entire customer interactions can be tracked and guidance on best upsell, cross-sell and renewals can be received throughout the sales cycle.

Conversion of quotes to money in sales can be accelerated. Managing service requests, sales-associated queries, and process payments can be done instantaneously within Outlook.

An end-to-end overview of workloads, service tasks, and employee abilities can be obtained to efficiently assign resources and facilitate case resolution.



Deliver Projects Within Budget and On Time

With the utilization of time-sheets, advanced reporting capabilities, and job costing, one can create, manage, and follow customer projects. Profitability can be achieved by developing and managing the budgets.

With the help of live insights on profitability, project status, and source usage metrics, businesses can make efficient decisions.

Resource levels can be monitored by proper planning of sales and capacity. Invoicing for clients against planned expenses on quotes and orders can be efficiently tracked.

Safeguard Your Data and Support GDPR compliance

Data can be stored, transferred, and handled securely through all the systems. It can also be protected from unauthorized admittance with the help of programmed Microsoft Datacenter application.

Business can be setup in such a way to obey the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and there by protecting the client’s right to privacy. Access to personal and general information can be limited at various levels so that accountability and security are in place.



Function Your Business Anywhere

It doesn’t matter if the deployment is done on-premises, in the cloud or, a combination of both, the user experience is unaltered.

Businesses can be managed from anywhere and at any time with consistency in experience across Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Our Services

ERP & Partner Selection

Whether you are just getting started or looking to enhance the existing solutions, working with a trusted partner gets you the most value from your Dynamics 365 implementation. Being a proven leader in Microsoft partner ecosystem, we offer expert guidance and support in selecting, implementing, and optimizing your Dynamics 365 applications. We support you to launch digital transformation program through ERP implementation and guide you all the way to procure resources.


To ensure a successful implementation of Dynamics 365 in any organization, the important steps involved are, a strategic plan, assessing the existing systems and tools carefully, understand every functionality, build cross-functional teams, and spearhead the project. A substantial amount of experience enables us to help you with a successful implementation. Our subject matter experts in all functional domains (supply chain, finance, and operations) will empower you to achieve excellence in implementation and get ROI faster.




Our team has an expertise in supporting our clients in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365

Our key support offerings include

    ✔ Functional & Technical Support
    ✔ Customized development/modifications
    ✔ Enhancements
    ✔ Integration
    ✔ User Training
    ✔ Performance Tuning
    ✔ Production Support
    ✔ User Training

    Our support models include

    ✔ Onsite full-time support
    ✔ Onsite/Offshore part time and full-time support
    ✔ Onsite/Offshore blended support
    ✔ Annual Support

Our Approach

We provide you with expert advisory in choosing the right ERP that exactly fits your business requirements after a careful study and understanding of the existing systems and processes. Having said that a qualified and experienced leader is needed to spearhead any project, we help you to leverage the right skills and knowledge of everyone involved to achieve the project goals.


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