Strategy Execution

Strategy execution is one of the biggest challenges for all sizes of organizations across the globe. Almost all surveys conducted by consultants on strategy execution came to a conclusion that strategy execution is very critical.

All the corporate and business units of the organizations and people should perform individually and as an aligned team like an orchestra to deliver the expected results designed in the strategy plan.

The Strategy planning process usually starts with revisiting vision and mission statements. Usually, strategic planning process is a very interesting topic for senior management. To a large extent, the tools used for the strategy planning process and the resulting plan look similar. Generally, the plan displays strategic projections for 3 to 10 years depending on the type of industry and expected financial outcomes. The top challenge is to acquire reliable market data and understand it.


We help organizations in all the phases of strategy execution

    ✔ Strategy Development
    ✔ Design mission, values, and vision statements
    ✔ Perform strategic analysis
    ✔ Formulate strategy
    ✔ Organization Alignment
    ✔ Align business units
    ✔ Align support units like HR, IT, Finance, corporate procurement etc.
    ✔ Align employee measures and incentives to organization structure
    ✔ Align board of directors
    ✔ Align key suppliers and customers


    ✔ Mentor and support performing the tasks during strategy execution
    ✔ Initiative management through robust program and project management


    Strategy Planning

    ✔ Develop strategy maps and themes
    ✔ Develop scorecards with lead and lag measures and targets
    ✔ Identify Initiative portfolios
    ✔ Develop funding plan for strategic initiatives with cost-benefit analysis

    Operations Planning

    ✔ Adopt strategy execution concepts in business planning and budgeting
    ✔ Introduce or optimize sales & operations planning
    ✔ Introduce or optimize demand planning and forecasting

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